This is a call out to all artists!
If you are an artist of sacred geometry and would like to contribute your time to the ” I Love You Water Project”. Please read this!

I am gathering all artists to come up with your own style of label for the bottles just like the ones you see in my shop at

My goal is the following: You can create 1 label using the same style and font of the brand name “I Love You Water” then you can create your own artistic version of sacred geometry to be placed on the bottle. It can be colored or black and white. Your bottle will be the only original since it is hand painted or drawn in your own medium.

Please ensure this medium is water proof. I will provide the cloth label to you so you can draw and create your label. This bottle once created will be sold on the shop at the value you wish to price your art at, and all profits from this bottle goes directly to you, the artist!

Following the sale of the original bottle, I can then make prints of your art on the forth coming bottles for others to enjoy.

If you are interested in this arrangement please contact me and we can begin the creation of all the beauty this project can offer all of us.

Let us share the beauty of art and the miracle of water to everyone!

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