Meet The Artists!
Here is a List of all the Artists who have contributed to our project!

Thank You Everyone!
Would you like to contribute Art to the project?

If you are an artist and would like to contribute art work to the I Love You Water Project.

All artists that create art for the project , the original art work piece is sold at a cost designated by you the artist or you can keep the original art for your self once it is placed on a bottle of I Love You Water! The proceeds are then collected and given to the artist if you chose to sell the bottle.
After wards you then give me permission to use the art on future bottles for others to enjoy as prints.

The art must be in form of sacred geometry and on a cloth fabric.
It must have the “I Love You Water” Logo on the fabric.

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LoniArtist: Loni Duek
Short Bio: I m a Visual artist, Yoga teacher and Reiki Master, Owner of Soulistic Studio in Hollywood I want to support I Love You water and everything you do dear David.
You are not only my friend but an Inspiring beautiful Soul

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Dani desmond
Artist: Dani Desmond
Short Bio:
What brought me to this state of consciousness to become involved in the I Love You Water Project?
I’ve always been an inquisitive, even “skeptical” person. Being the youngest of 4 siblings *2 brothers and 1 sister*. My parents always seemed to be toughest on me *Tough love* After learning some from my siblings mistakes, I was always afraid of letting my parents down. However, I didn’t realize that eventually, you’re going to let everyone down when you’re not living for your self. It’s easy to say, but difficult to really understand until you’ve had some sort of traumatic experience that leaves you with no where to run, such as an earth shattering heartbreak. I was lost and looking for answers.
I started meditating and slowly answers started coming to me.

You just have to ask the right questions and be open minded and open hearted enough to listen.
I decided to help in this project not only because I love drawing as a child and wanted to bring back that lost passion. But also coming from a teacher who has seen the gratitude of lifes simple pleasures in a third world country, it’s heartbreaking to see how often water is abused and taken advantage of where it is so abundant. I have a high respect for water because of how often it is taken for granted. It’s importance is underestimated. We need it in order for life to grow. Water teaches us to “go with the flow” and to keep moving through the storm and enjoy life’s waves.
As an elementary teacher, I must admit how often I learn from my students. Thu pure joy in their eyes, unconditional love in their hears and passion for life reminds me that it should be our goal to continuously learn, grow, and build a better tomorrow. By coming together as one human family, and being more conscious of what we put into our bodies, I believe we can reach that goal.
I love you.

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