To Create your own Intentional Water Please do the following:
1. Filter your water with Reverse Osmosis to remove all of the fluorides and then add minerals back into them after.
2. Since water stores memory of intention and the molecular structure changes based on an intention / vibration / or an image.
Create a label to place on the container of the water to signify the intention you wish to place, it can be ANYTHING.
3. Hold the jug of water between your hands and stating in your mind or out loud, We prefer to say it out loud as words are magic.
4. Set the intention: I do something like this for love ” Thank you water, I love you water, Your purpose is for all who drink
you to provide unconditional love to, so they may feel what it is truly like to receive.”
As you do this have your eyes closed and envision the top of your head opening up like a lotus flower. See beautiful white light entering from your crown and going through your body and out towards your hands which are placed on the bottle of water.
5. You may use colored glass to amplify a specific Intention.
6. Place a new crystal or the crystal you received with this bottle back inside.

All Set! It is amazing the things water will do for you once you understand it is a part of you, a good 70-80% of you . And if this works with water, imagine the intentions we set within our body and the negative dialog we hold within our selves.

We would like to share a moment of space with you and have you say these affirmations out loud.
Close your eyes and state the following out loud:
I am Love
I am Light
I am Peace
I am Joy
I am abundance
I am abundant
I am Truth
I am Free

Say that all with passion and feeling. Then feel the way your body feels after you state this, you will feel chills or vibrations, this is your body communicating with you letting you know it thanks you for acknowledging your full power and awareness of self.
This is the power that water has in store for us.
We Love You.

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