Wow…So much to say where do I even begin…

Firstly…we have started our kickstarter page:
Our Main Goal is to purchase the following Materials so that we can structure the water in the most purest form possible. The way water was intended to be enjoyed.

(1)$700 1 Trip to Colombia to participate in the It is a ceremony in Colombia with a tribe that they do many teachings with water. it is April 23rd to April 30th. Just so Happens my Birthday is April 26th and I am half colombian…the timing of this seems quite….cosmic!!!

(1) Custom Bottle Design $600 This will be for the final bottle design.

(2) Non-Irradiated Blue Topaz $50 Each These are used and placed inside the container of water to further structure the water.

(2) TerraCotta Eggs Container for the Water $395 Each + $50 Shipping
This is used in place of the glass containers we are currently using so we can leave them outside to collect the sun and moons energy. is where we will be purchasing them from.

(1) Custom Copper Laddle to Stir and create vortex $60
This will be a custom ladle that has a scared geometry engraved on the ladle itself to assist in the process of structuring.

Next we have our second donation on our go fund me page! So awesome. I am truly excited to see others share this vision with me of raising our brothers and sisters vibration.
Here is the second Donations photo with the bottle!10942667_10204892567328500_3857864855887092652_n

What else… Today I reached out to two people. One is a person who owns the twitter account of @Iloveyouwater. I spoke with him and sent him an email to see if he would be willing to collaborate on the project or transfer it over. We shall see how that goes.
The other I spoke with the domain owner of rather then
It links to a website of lifeforcewater. Which is a substance that removes radiation, flourides and other impurities in the water without using reverse osmosis and also remineralizes the water as well.

I am going to see if he would be willing to collaborate on the project as well by having us use his product in our water in conjunction with the process that we are already implementing in the water.

I truly hope both souls see the vision and wish to collaborate with us!

Send good intentions and so it shall be!



In the next coming days I will be updating the shopping cart with new bottles for sale along with 2 new pages on the top for profiles on the artists who have contributed to the designs.


Stay tuned and spread that love and light brothers and sisters! We are waking up!!!

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